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Agave Spirit Retreats
301 W College #9
Silver City, NM 88061

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Agave Spirit Retreats is the Spiritual Events division of Agave Ridge Retreat. For vacation rentals, see our Family Rental Site.

We have room for meetings for a day or a week. We can accommodate your event, including media and catering.

Agave Spirit Retreats is non-denominational, not affiliated with any religious tradition and open to all.

Upcoming Events:

None scheduled

Past Events:

 Frequency Harmony Sessions

with Barbara Lovejoy            

Frequency Harmony is a healing modality developed by Barbara that reboots the equilibrium of the physical body to sustain and support abundant health, joy and well-being. She  uses variations of this modality on people, homes, property and even pets. She will be offering a free presentation about this work on Dec 7 and private, individual sessions, (‘mini' 20 minute or full, one-hour sessions) starting Dec. 7 through 12 at Agave Spirit. A group class for healing practitioners will be offered on Dec. 10.   

The Art of Getting What You Want

with Blake Farley                                              

The more you focus on what you DON’T WANT, the more of it you get. That's the Law of Attraction at work. And this spiritual law is either bringing you more of what you DO WANT, or more of what you DON’T WANT. This workshop will help you become aware of your thoughts and limiting beliefs, and teach you how to change them. Learn to shift your reality, step into the “YOU” you’ve always wanted to be and get what you want. 


Bridging Worlds: Presentation & Book Signing

with Author Ellen Bush        

California author Ellen Bush shares her inspiring true story about her relationship with her life partner, Wooz, and their journey together through life and death.  They spent years navigating through complex emotional issues associated with their feelings for each other, and when they were finally able to fully commit to each other, Wooz  was diagnosed with leukemia. This story about spiritual seeking, love, caregiving, conscious dying,  and the veils between this world and the next was partially written during a personal retreat at Agave Spirit!

For a video preview of this story, click on this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrHq4iDl_KkOr buy Bridging Worlds.

Awakening to Love

With Mary Rose Bennett, Ph.D., Author of "Courtship: The Lost Art"

Ms. Bennett brings the psychological to the spiritual in this exploration of the relationship phenomena one encounters in society today. Do you feel burdened by complexities and limiting constructs around love? Are you interested in a soul-making vs. a soul taking relationship? This workshop is designed to engage participants in a sensitive and interactive dialogue, ignited by experiential exercises to discover, deepen, and gain insights which will liberate, evolve or enhance one’s present circumstances.

Claiming Your Soul's Magnificence

With Rosie Heart, author of "Awaken Your All-Knowing Heart"

Expect surprises, deepening, connecting with your own wisdom, meeting others you feel you have known forever, laughter, tears, and grace in this interactive, and open-ended women’s retreat led by Rosie Heart. Meditation, writing, and ritual are some of the ways we will let go of beliefs that dim our light and reclaim our authentic Selves!   http://heart-soul-healing.com/

Dances of Universal Peace

with Mariam Weidner, Matin Mize, and Beatriz Giraldo

Earth Medicine Apprenticeship

With Julie McIntyre                      

We all find ourselves at some time in our life, facing the darkness or a dimly lit trail under our feet. The skills learned in the apprenticeship help you navigate the darkness, difficulties, and challenges of life. As well, they help you craft a life you’ve always known you could have. The plants and the spirits of the forest, the Ancient ones who live here will be deeply involved in this life-altering experience. www.gaianstudies.org

Wild Earth, Wild Women:  Restoring the Wild Woman Archetype & ReForesting the Soul

 with Julie McIntyre                    

For women 18 and older who are hungry to remember and re-empower themselves. We will live 5 days by the Gila National Forest, facing our fears, doubts, survival issues, shame and sexuality. 

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

            with Pam Nelson                   

Based on the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek (The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life), this workshop will convey how to: 
♥ Connect and balance the energy fields around your Heart and your Brain.
♥ Live, Love and Heal from the Sacred Space of your Heart.
♥ Activate your living MerKaBa through your Heart.
♥ Create your life from Unconditional Love, Unity Consciousness & Joy.

A Gathering of Cherags               

For those who love the Universal Worship Service of Inayat Khan and other worship services inspired by it.  Classes and sharing during the day; Evenings of Zikr and Dances.  Possible topics and explorations include qualities of leadership, co-creating rites of passage, and requirements for chaplaincy. 

Go Wild with YOGA

         with Zoreh and Heather of High Desert Yoga 

Join us for an inspiring and captivating retreat near the magical Gila Wilderness.  Two yoga classes will be offered each day and will include asana/poses, breathwork and meditation.  There will be ample opportunities for rest and quiet time, or to explore the surrounding area.